BigKeys in Industry


We make BigKeys tough because we know they're used in "industrial strength" situations -- around the USA and around the world!



Nuclear Energy plants and
"haz-mat" sites ...


where bulky gloves make use of a regular keyboard difficult and error-prone.

BigKeys in Industry


Automobile manufacturers...


A major car manufacturer uses BigKeys keyboards on their production line.

BigKeys in Industry


Dirty work environments ...


A rag recycling plant uses BigKeys for data entry.


They also use BigKeys keyboard "skins", so employees can leave their dirty gloves on.

BigKeys in Industry



BigKeys keyboards are the most durable, most reliable large-key keyboard in the world!


Our BigKeys keyboards have internal steel frames, and the keys are high-quality, mechanical switches tested to over 10-million keystrokes. (Many "look-alike" keyboards have rubber-dome / membrane-type internal switches, the least durable, and least consistent, of keyboard switch types.)