BigKeys and CPSIA



BigKeys Dealers and End Users


Greystone Digital, The BigKeys Company


February 9, 2009


CPSIA / Lead and Phthalate Levels in BigKeys products.

Items affected:

all BIGKeys LX models

all BigKeys Plus models

BigKeys USB Adapter

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), as required by law, has imposed new, stricter testing standards for external lead and phthalate levels in toys and other products for children, via the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).


Because of confusion among manufacturers as to just exactly what their responsibilities are, the CPSC has ordered a limited stay in the deadline for testing and certification requirements. The old deadline was February 10, 2009. The new deadline for lead level and phthalates compliance is February 10, 2010.


Despite the extended deadline, we have already had BigKeys keyboards tested for lead levels. CPSIA section 101(b)(2) provides that the lead limits do not apply to component parts of a product that are not accessible to a child, therefore we tested all surface areas on our keyboards.


We are happy to reassure our BigKeys dealers and users that BigKeys keyboards are well within the new, stricter external lead level limits.


Review or download a copy of our certified laboratory lead level testing reports.


Additionally, we are highly confident that the presence of phthalates in BigKeys keyboards is insignificant. Our plastics are all rigid ABS, which don't require phthalates, and in fact, would be rendered mechanically inferior by their presence. When phthalate level testing of BigKeys keyboards is complete, we will post the results here.


Note: BigKeys keyboards are also compliant with European ROHS requirements, which restrict the use of six hazardous materials (including lead) in the manufacture of various types of electronic and electrical equipment.