Is ABC Order Good ?


BigKeys keyboards are available in two key layouts:

• ABC Layout

The order of the alpha keys is the same as the alphabet!

• QWERTY Layout

The alpha keys are in standard keyboard order: Q,W,E,R,T,and Y are the first 6 alpha keys on a standard keyboard. ("qwerty" is pronounced "kwur-tee")

Which BigKeys layout to choose for children?

Importance of ABC layout and learning to read


Before learning to type (using a "standard" keyboard), it is first necessary to recognize the alphabet and know how to read. Using an ABC-layout BigKeys keyboard doesn't get in the way of later using a regular keyboard easily. It makes it easier!


It's easier for a child to use alphabet software while learning to read using BigKeys. Because BigKeys presents the letters in the "right order" learning is easier. As the child learns the lesson being taught by the program, finding specific letters on BigKeys reinforces the alphabet.


From 1981 book by McClelland and Rumelhart: "The speed and accuracy with which young readers can recognize individual letters is a critical determinant of their reading proficiency and future growth."


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