What Do Educators Say?


BigKeys Keyboards

Head Start

  • "When BIGKEYS was first field-tested in Head Start classrooms, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback."
  • "Children are attracted to the keyboard, not intimidated by it (as they sometimes are by a standard computer keyboard)."
  • "When asked what they most liked about BIGKEYS, the kids said the colors made it fun. They also see it as not just a toy but as something they know grown-ups use."
  • "A child's attention is held long-term, and they feel success in their ability to actually use a computer."
  • "Staff felt that the fine motor skill development was enhanced with BIGKEYS."


Typical Comments by Other Professionals

  • "It's fantastic, I love it!"
  • "Now that's how a kid's keyboard ought to work."
  • "BIGKEYS feels like the alphabet, not like a keyboard."
  • "Kids don't get frustrated looking for letters; in alphabetical order typing is simpler."
  • "When presented with an alphabetical layout kids are more successful."
  • "The BigKeys colored keys give an added visual input AND you can pop off the keys to rearrange them into the QWERTY position! What a bonus!!"
  • "BigKeys is a great piece of assistive technology!"