BigKeys vs other large-key keyboards

"BigKeys" is a branded, trademarked line of large-key computer keyboards. Other large-key keyboards are just not the same!


To spot a "look-alike" large-key keyboard, look for the "BigKeys" label. BigKeys keyboards say "BigKeys" on the front of the keyboard, in the lower right-hand corner. And, the label on the back says Greystone Digital (that's us) and "".


If you're uncertain, contact us.

There are lots of reasons why BigKeys keyboards are better than large-key "look-alikes":


• Durability and reliability


BigKeys keyboards have internal steel frames, and the keys are high-quality, mechanical switches tested to over 10-million keystrokes.


Many "look-alikes" have rubber-dome / membrane-type internal switches, the least durable, and least consistent, of keyboard switch types.


BigKeys are solid, durable keyboards. That's because we know that for some of our assistive technology users, their BigKeys keyboard is absolutely crucial. So we build 'em to take quite a thumping. Once, a customer actually managed to run over a BigKeys LX with her car! Although damaged, it still worked.


• ABC or standard QWERTY key order


With BigKeys keyboards, you have the choice of buying your keyboard with the keys in ABC order, or in standard QWERTY order.


And, you can change the order of the keys, if you change your mind, by flipping a switch on the keyboard and popping off the keycaps.


BigKeys is famous for this flexibility. We're the only keyboard that has it.


• Function Keys


Many of the "look-alike" keyboards have no F1-F10 functions keys! What to do when you need to press one of these keys?


On some other "look-alikes", the F1 thru F10 keys are there, but they're very small - maybe half the size of a key on standard keyboard. But wait! Wasn't the point of a large-key keyboard the, um, large keys? And these little buttons are often unusable with a keyguard or pointing device.


On BigKeys, the user simultaneously presses the F key and a number key to get F1 thru F10. Both the F key and the number keys are 1-inch square. For users who can't press 2 keys simultaneously, this is accomplished with the BigKeys LX "Assist Mode".


• Keycap printing


The printed alpha characters on BigKeys are bigger than the alpha letters on most of the "look-alike" keyboards.


And, on some of the "look-alike" keyboards, the printing, though smaller, is almost twice as thick as the BigKeys' printing. This makes the "look-alike's" characters less discernable, perhaps more like dark blobs, to those with vision impairments.


On BigKeys keyboards, the printing is UV-coated. UV coating protects the printing from the repeated use we're expecting our BigKeys to receive. After all, BigKeys' switches are tested to over 10-million keystrokes!


• Options? We've got your options!


Beyond the famous BigKeys flexibility to switch between ABC and standard QWERTY order, you can customize BigKeys in other ways.


Key Color: You can have your BigKeys with white keys, black keys, or blue, red, yellow, or green keys! Our multi-color keys option - with vowels in yellow and other sight-clues (R is red, G is green, etc.) - is popular for younger users.


Letter case: Uppercase or lowercase letters -- you pick!


BigKeys can be supplied in custom layouts.


And, keyguards and keyboard skins made specifically for BigKeys are available too.


• There's more!


Here at Greystone Digital, we originated the large-key keyboard concept, and we've been building BigKeys and serving the assistive technology community for over 15 years. We're very proud of the quality of our keyboards, and the quality of our customer service.


BigKeys keyboards have been used in tens of thousands of applications, worldwide.


If you want to hear from some of our fans, check out our Customer Comments page.


Or contact us! We're fanatics about BigKeys!