What's the Difference Between BigKeys LX and BigKeys Plus?


All BigKeys keyboards are simplified computer keyboards. A BigKeys keyboard is the same size as a standard keyboard, and has very large keys.


There are 2 BigKeys models:


BigKeys LX is our current model, and includes all the characters available on a standard keyboard, with the exception of the numeric keypad, Scroll Lock, and Pause/Break keys.


BigKeys LX comes in several key color and key layout options.


BigKeys LX has a USB connector.

BigKeys LX Black/QWERTY


BigKeys Plus, our older model, had a more limited keyset -- less punctuation and special characters.


BigKeys Plus came in several key color and key layout options.


BigKeys Plus had a PS2 connector, and could be adapted to USB.

BigKeys Plus Color/ABC


Characters that ARE on the BigKeys LX, but are NOT on the BigKeys Plus:

  • F11 and F12


  • Print Screen


  • true Shift

       (on BigKeys Plus, the space bar is used for shift)


  • Ins, Home, End, PgUp, PgDn


  • ~   `   ;   <   >   #   $   %   ^   &   (   )   _   |   \   {   }   [   ]


BigKeys LX features that are not included on BigKeys Plus:

  • Assist Mode


    The Assist Mode on BigKeys LX accommodates users who cannot press two keys simultaneously. Assist Mode works with and enhances the Microsoft Windows "Sticky Key" Accessibility Option.


  • USB or PS2 models


    BigKeys LX is available in USB or PS2 models.
    (BigKeys Plus has a PS2 connector, but can be adapted to USB.)


  • Selectable No Run-On Feature on the USB model of BigKeys LX


    With the USB model of BigKeys LX, the user can choose to enable or disable the standard No Run-On feature.



  BigKeys Plus BigKeys LX
Suggested users Early Learners and others with basic keyboard needs who would benefit from the simple keyboard layout and large keys. Users with advanced keyboard needs who need the large keys and/or large key lettering.
Number of Keys Keys 40 1"-square keys, huge Enter key and Space bar; and 6 regular size keys. 58 1"-square keys, huge Enter key and Space bar.
Punctuation & Special Characters Caps Lock, Ctrl, Alt, Tab, Del, Esc, Shift, and Backspace. And these punctuation characters: ! @ , . ' " : * ? / + - = All punctuation and special characters that are available on a standard keyboard except the numeric keypad, the Scroll Lock key, and the Pause/Break key.


Key Color Options


BigKeys keyboards can be ordered with the white keys, black keys, or multi-colored keys. Here are the key colors for each model:


  BigKeys Plus BigKeys LX
White keys, black lettering
Black keys, white lettering  
Yellow keys, black lettering  
Color keys, black lettering


Keyboard Layout Options


BigKeys keyboards can be configured with the keys in ABC (alphabetical) order, or with the keys in standard keyboard QWERTY order.


All BigKeys keyboards can be switched between ABC and QWERTY order! Just pop off the alphabet keycaps, rearrange them, and flip a hidden switch on the back of the keyboard.


  BigKeys Plus BigKeys LX
ABC key order
QWERTY key order