BigKeys In The News


  the CBS The Early Show, September 20, 2005:


Smoothing Out Aging's Rough Edges

NEW YORK, Sept. 20, 2005


(CBS) Aging baby boomers are now the most financially influential group in the United States. Consumer product manufacturers realize this and know many boomers, still wanting to believe they're young, are refusing to slow down and admit many things aren't what they used to be - such as performing once-routine tasks.


But Best magazine Senior Editor David Gregg brought several devices to The Early Show set that are designed to enable older people to do things just as well as they used to.


Among them:


(CBS) BIGKEYS LX COMPUTER KEYBOARD The purpose of this keyboard is obvious from the start; no subtlety here. The keys are almost four times bigger than the normal ones. The size of the keys seems to make the keyboard itself look larger than a standard one, but that's only an illusion. It's a full size keyboard, 7 inches by 18 inches, with 60 oversized keys. Every key is an extra large 1 inch square button with easy to read labels in large block print on bright white keys. The lettering itself is a half-inch tall. BigKeys is perfect for people challenged by dexterity, vision and arthritis-related problems. Cost $167;