BigKeys In The News


  transcript from CBS's The Early Show, September 20, 2005, --

  "Smoothing Out Aging's Rough Edges" segment


Hannah Storm:

It's no secret that you might lose a little bit on your fast ball as you get older, maybe lose a few steps.


But today's Trend Report has some very cool new gadgets to help you get your groove back. Like computer keyboards with extra-large keys.



Well, growing older is an inevitable part of life, and unfortunately some really simple tasks that we used to take for granted can become more difficult as we age.


So David Gregg, Senior Editor at Best Magazine, has some great gadgets designed to make life easier for older people.



These are fabulous, these huge keyboards. You imagine someone with arthritis, maybe, writing at a PC.


David Gregg, Best Magazine:

Yup, the BigKeys keyboard. Two different configurations: this is QWERTY for a person who knows how to type, this is alphabetic, so ABCDEFG, for a person just getting used to typing, or getting on to the internet, or sending e-mail.


Very easy to see, great for a person with arthritis or dexterity issues.


Priced at about $167.00, but a real godsend for a person that doesn't necessarily know how to navigate on the internet.



A lot of older people like to spend time on the computer and stay in touch with grandchildren and stuff like that.



OK, there's a big market for these products now, right?, with the baby boomers aging.



Absolutely. With the 50-plus crew getting older, and that's the biggest aging segment in America, these are going to get more and more popular and you'll see more and more options out there.



That's us! This is for us.