Customer Comments

Over 17 Years of proven BigKeys Success!

from the family of a Senior BigKeys user:


"Our thanks for the excellent, fast, and KIND service you provided to our father in exchanging his keyboard for a BigKeys LX. He considers you his new best friend!


We appreciate very much how happy you made an almost-89-year-old!"


from a Senior Citizen BigKeys user:


"The BigKeys keyboard is fantastic, and is just what my father-in-law needed. Having lost the ability to speak, he was able to write notes. Recently his arthritis has made that almost impossible. Your BigKeys ABC format was just the thing for this 72-year-old man who never typed or used a computer. Thanks."

Computer Seniors

from an octagenerian BigKeys user:


"Nothing has changed my life as much as my BigKeys keyboard, I think.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!"


Teacher and student with BigKeys

from the Father of a child with developmental delays in fine motor skills:


"BigKeys makes using a computer not only a possibility for our son, but a success."

from an Educator:


"It's fantastic, I love it! When presented with an alphabetical layout, kids are more successful. Kids get frustrated looking for letters. BigKeys feels like the alphabet, not like a keyboard ... that's how a keyboard ought to work!"


from the Director of a Child Care Center:


"BigKeys keyboards are wonderful learning tools for the children. Not only does BigKeys make it easier for them to perform the computer functions, but it is an enhancement for their learning of letters, numbers, and colors. Our parents are very impressed and pleased."

from a Senior Citizen BigKeys user:


"Just as I was about to throw in the towel on ever using Word or email, I found BigKeys and now I use both with much greater comfort and accuracy than with a standard keyboard."


"I also have some arthritis in my fingertips and with a standard keyboard often hit two keys simultaneously. BigKeys has helped me enormously in avoiding that incredibly frustrating and constant experience."

Computer Senior

from an Educator:


"The BigKeys colored keys give added visual input AND you can pop off the keys to rearrange them into the QWERTY position like a regular keyboard!! What a bonus!"

"BigKeys keyboards are a great piece of assistive technology to have!"

from a Computer Lab Tech Specialist:


"One of our clients has Cerebral Palsy, and the only controlled movement he has is his neck and head, and his knee. He uses BigKeys and types with his nose!"

from a Senior Citizen BigKeys user:


"You've made one old guy very happy!"

from another Senior Citizen BigKeys user:


"Thank you for a wonderful product. Thanks to BigKeys, I am being dragged pleasantly into the electronic era."

Computer Senior

from a Computer Technologist at an Elementary School:


"BigKeys has helped our special ed kids use the computer more productively. I wish I also had a BigKeys for every Kindergarten and First Grade student as well!"

Little Fingers Need BigKeys

from a Senior Citizen with 400/200 vision in one eye only:


"I am delighted with my new BigKeys keybaord, and as I get more accustomed to the key placement, my typing is approaching my former speed when I had normal vision."